Lake and Sumter Style Magazine
12:30 am EDT
Monday, September 27, 2021

A home of their own

Most people focus on the love and flowers associated with Valentine’s Day in February, but we’d like to introduce you to the people who can help you make a house your home: the Top Realtors in Lake and Sumter counties.

These are the hard-working people who make sure buyers and sellers are happy. They are constantly working to meet the growth needs in the area and assure families and businesses that this cozy part of Central Florida is the place where they want to be.

Check out the Top Realtors on page 43. You may find the perfect match for your needs, whether it’s a bigger house, a smaller retirement home, or the home of your dreams. We’ve also included the list of top producers from both counties, which makes for interesting reading as you realize these numbers represent houses, businesses, and families.

In addition, the Style staff has taken a good look at the state of the economy in Lake and Sumter counties. Talking with city managers, mayors, and commissioners, we’ve got the updates you need to know about growth in the area. You’ll find where the next big changes are coming and how the cities and towns are financing what they need to meet the demands of growth. Lake and Sumter counties are flourishing, and new businesses are opening every day.

I’ve lived here most of my life, and it’s amazing to see the difference in the look of the land, the lives of the people, and the change in topography. I love it, however, because I know where I live is vital, productive, and essential to the growth of Florida.

Until next month,