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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

5 outdoor pet-friendly tips

1. Keep plants, flowers pet-friendly

Make sure you have the best pet-friendly plants in your yard. The last thing you want is an unexpected trip to the veterinarian with your best friend.

2. Provide a space to rest and play

A pet-friendly backyard is a great way to let your best friend to adventure, play, and rest. Consider providing your pet with items like a cover or awning over their pet bed, fan, and outdoor toys.

3. Be mindful of toxic landscaping

Consider keeping your pet indoors and off your lawn for at least 24 hours after fertilizing the area. Some chemicals found in fertilizers may have long-lasting effects on your pet. 

4. Keep your eyes peeled for pesky pests

Fleas and ticks can show up anytime and this includes in your own backyard. Consider giving your furry friend some relief with a year-round preventative. You don’t want the stress of a flea infestation or Lyme disease for your best friend.

5. Provide plenty of hydration

Water is incredibly important for dogs of all ages. Whether you’re lounging outside or enjoying a game of toss, your pet’s overall health is dependent on getting the proper amount of hydration.

Consider keeping fresh water available in multiple areas of the yard. Also, for enrichment add items like a water fountain for extra stimulation during playtime.

Source: Trupanion, which provides medical insurance for pets. 

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