Lake and Sumter Style Magazine
01:27 pm
18 September 2018

5 Healthy Halloween Tips

  • Instead of candy, hand out healthier treats like granola bars; snack packs of trail mix, raisins, crackers, or pretzels; and 100 percent juice boxes; or non-candy Halloween items such as stickers, bookmarks, tattoos, erasers, and pencils.
  • Serve a nutritious meal before going trick-or-treating so children are not hungry.
  • Limit the number of treats your child can have each day. Decide the appropriate number ahead of time and let children know why it is important to limit candy.
  • Keep candy out of reach to prevent continuous and mindless eating.
  • Eat candy with a glass of milk or apple slices to add healthy nutrients.
Source: University of Nebraska-Lincoln Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources