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6:52 pm EDT
Tuesday, August 4, 2020

$3.14 gets you a pizza pie from Flippers on Pi Day


It’s that time of year already: time to decorate the Pi Day tree, exchange Pi Day gifts, and cook up all the traditional Pi Day favorites. Or, leave the cooking to someone else and get a pizza pie on Pi Day.

Thursday, March 14, is designated as Pi Day, when people celebrate the number that expresses the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. The numerical value of pi is approximately 3.141592.

Flippers Pizzeria chain, with 14 locations in Central Florida, is celebrating the occasion by offering its “MyPie” 11-inch cheese pizzas for $3.14, according to a news release. Toppings may be added for an additional charge. The offer is good for dine-in and carry-out orders. 

“Just as pi naturally occurs in circles in math, I thought celebrating Pi Day was a natural choice for pizza,” Flippers COO Ben Richardson says in the release.


Flippers has alerted math clubs, schools, and tutoring centers about this new way to celebrate Pi Day. Mathnasium of Seminole County has committed to pizzas for all of their students.

“Pizza is just a great way to show how pi works with circles,” Mark Brisson, Flippers director of marketing, says in the release. “Our MyPies are 11 inches in diameter. Using pi, every student should be able to quickly find out the diameter of their pizza.”

But take advantage of the offer Thursday because, as Mark says, “Pi may go on for infinity, but this offer is for one day only.”

For a little more fun, both Ben and Mark have stated that if each of the Flippers Pizzerias sells 314 MyPies for $3.14 each, they will video-record themselves getting a pie in the face for the Flippers Facebook page, the release states.