James Combs’ Hit List

  1. The media center at Leesburg High School has been renamed the Tammy Ross Jerkins Teaching and Learning Center, a tribute to the school’s math teacher who was named the state’s top teacher for 2018. Naming a library after her is appropriate because this teacher has enjoyed a storied career.
  2. A Umatilla resident and Boy Scouts leader was arrested on 38 counts of possession of child pornography. I have two words for this sicko: Scout’s dishonor. 
  3. A specially trained task force unit is operating in Lake County to save people bitten by venomous snakes. That’s a good thing because without treatment those bitten may suffer from e-reptile dysfunction. 
  4. Clermont will host a Fondo Cycling Circuit USA event Sept. 30. The timed races include 30-, 50-, and 75-mile ride options. A 75-mile bicycle ride in one day? Health is important, but these people need to get a grip.
  5. A 70-year-old resident of The Villages lost his license for six months after he was found passed out in his car at a postal station following a night of drinking. He could’ve gone home and consumed some more alcohol but obviously decided to mail it in. 
  6. A 34-year-old man was arrested after police caught him fishing off the shore of the manmade lake at Lake Sumter Landing. Law enforcement officers had previously warned him about fishing there. This man is an addict: He’s helplessly hooked on fishing.