Lake and Sumter Style Magazine
4:48 pm EDT
Tuesday, April 13, 2021

From The Publisher

I’ve lived in this area all my life, graduating from Leesburg High School and raising my family here. I know personally just what a family-oriented area this is. But it has also become a very popular place for retirees to find that all-important “second hometown.”

When we decided to talk about the best places to live in Lake and Sumter counties, we knew we couldn’t do it by cities and towns. Let’s face it, every place in this area is a great place to live, depending on what you want to have around you when you’re at home.

Instead, we decided to talk about places in the country, where you can have horses, cows, or chickens. Or how about your dream house on
a golf course where you can meet friends and play every day? Of course, some people enjoy living on the water. In Lake County, that gives you more than 1,000 options! 

It’s easy to find your dream home in Lake or Sumter counties. Just think about what you want and look for a builder or development that offers what you want in your home. Whether it’s an active social life or a place to fish off your own dock, there’s a special place for you in this cozy part of Central Florida.

Summer is a wonderful time for fresh produce. You can create cool, refreshing salads that are highly nutritious from the wonderful fruits and vegetables grown near where you live! We’ve got some great recipes to share this month.

If your children have expressed an interest in playing golf, check out our article about The First Tee Program. Here, aspiring golfers not only learn how to swing correctly and evaluate a hole for the best putt, they learn valuable lessons about building character and healthy habits. It’s available in two locations in Lake County. 

You see, that’s why it was so easy for our staff to write about the beauty of living in this area. From Clermont to Astor in Lake County and Tarrytown to The Villages in Sumter County and everywhere in between are some of the best places in the world to call home. 

Until next month,

Kendra Akers