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Fri, July 10, 2020

Pint, Pipe, & Platter: Welcome To The Jungle, We’ve Got Fun And Food


At some point, when we move past our basic existence as humans, we take the things that helped us survive and turn them into something pleasurable. We call them finer things.

The food that makes you melt into a puddle of happiness upon your first bite. The thick hand-rolled Cuban cigar that formed a magical bond with the glass of single malt that feels like it, somehow, some way, never is empty.

These are the things I live for, now that survival seems sure enough.

Now, am I saying that I am an expert in all things food, alcohol, and tobacco? Certainly not, although my portly stature and abilities to place a handcrafted cocktail and delicious bite to eat into the hands of my friends, may say otherwise.

I don’t know any other way to enjoy life, and I’m sort of baffled by the other side—the thrill seeker who dives out of airplanes. I’d bet they’d change their tune if they had experienced some of the moments of damn near orgasmic pleasure I obtained from the perfect night out.

Just the same, it’s all about the moment, and in that moment it is perfect. Now I realize that opinion is subjective, and you may want to tell me to go jump off a bridge if my recommendation blows. To that I say: “meh, maybe you’ll like the next one…”

I don’t aim to be pretentious. I am a workingman, and I enjoy simple things done right. So don’t expect me to fall head over heals for the craft beer that is dry hopped 72 times with wheat grass juice and raspberry notes hidden far behind the four pounds of cocoa nips you aged it in. Give me a simple IPA that is obtainable at my local liquor store and doesn’t cost $17.99 for a six-pack, and I’ll be pleased as pie.

We have got a lot of ground to cover in this journey together. Restaurants to eat at, bars to drink at, smoke to be enjoyed and savored—whether it be B-B-Q, tobacco, or even vapor—recipes to try, cocktails to shake, and most of all, good times that must be had. It’s my hope I can in some way help you savor those perfect moments along the way.

So throw on a polo, sandals, and a sensible pair of khaki cargo shorts and come along for the ride.


Author: Trey Siwek

trey 6

Trey Siwek, a Lake County transplant living in Groveland, is a Kentucky southern gentleman with a knack for making tastebuds dance. He believes in living well, enjoying what you eat, drink, listen to, and he finds much to laugh about. He is an audio engineer with a passion for radio. He’s also the editor and a co-host of The Swervy Jones Show, a popular local podcast. Catch episodes and his drink of the week recommendations at

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