Legendary Leaders

Welcome to our second edition of Legendary Leaders. We introduced our first issue last year, and the response to the coverage was overwhelming. So, of course, the natural thing to do was to do it again. However, this year we go a little bit deeper and brought you much more than just our local leaders. We are also highlighting legendary businesses and legendary places throughout our community.

At Akers, we believe new ideas and bold thinking are the catalysts of growth. We also believe everyone has the ability to be bold and creative. The difference between ordinary people and legendary people is the ability to communicate ideas. I think back to when we launched our first magazine, Healthy Living. My husband and I developed the concept for this magazine by having a simple conversation. We wanted a magazine that would inspire, educate, and promote a well-balanced lifestyle—a magazine that was not simply about health and fitness. We knew that to live a healthy life, it takes more than just a healthy body. That led us to creating four pillars for the magazine: Mind, Body, Spirit, and Finance.

The fact that we brainstormed and didn’t just move forward with a health magazine made all the difference in the world. It made Healthy Living unique. No other health magazine at that time focused on financial health or an overall healthy lifestyle. Thus, Healthy Living has won numerous awards and has maintained the title of “Best Overall Magazine” in the state of Florida for more than seven years.

You see, we are just two ordinary people with an idea, but the ability to communicate that idea allowed us to create something extraordinary. Therefore, I challenge you to wake up every day and ask yourself, “What can I do today that will create a better tomorrow?”

I also challenge you to dream big! Communicate your dreams and make them a reality. I can assure you that is exactly what the people you read about in this month’s issue did, which made them legends. Be a leader!

Until next month,

Kendra Akers